Transforming seat for the cardinal in St. Vitus Cathedral, Prague

Our task was to create a transformable seat that react and  enriches the environment of the St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague. This piece of liturgical furniture would belong to the cardinal and his two assistants. The design of this seat is rather critical, reflecting on the hierarchical differences within the catholic church. The throne itself is clean of ornaments and cushions, similar to the pews used by the congregation. Even though it seems hard and solid, the special finish of the seat surface makes it comfortable. The throne fulfills its liturgical function during the ceremonies, the transformation only occurs between two services. During this time the cathedral serves as a touristic destination, filled with visitors. After the mass, when the eminences leave, their seats abolish the hierarchy between themselves and merge into one. The newly formed bench is not a functional one. It functions as a temporary installation, raising awareness of the inequalities of the catholic church.

Studio work, motionLab, 4th semester at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava
Professor: Prof. Robert Votický
Assistant: Mgr. art. Júlia Kolláthová
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