Rummu Karjäär

The area of the Rummu quarry is a magnificent place. The beautiful nature and the mysterious history of the Rummu prison create an experience and atmosphere which make people come and explore it even despite its prohibition. The aim of our project was to open this area for visitors and widen the possibilities of exploring this unique place, but at the same time leave it as untouched and uninterrupted as possible. The area has been developed by a new building and by reusing the ruins of the former rock breaking factory. The looped wooden path gives a tour for the visitors, leading them through the lake, revealing the underwater view and also taking them up the artificial hill. The structure of the buildings expand the possibilities of exploration, creating spaces the visitors can go and discover.

The project was developed at the Estonian Academy of Arts in Tallinn
Course leader: Peeter Pere
Team: Laura Pint, Maarja Liiv and Gabriela Mészáros





Rummu_restaurant floor 0