Pedestrian bridge in Martin


The aim of this project was to support the transit of pedestrians through the river Turiec, which flows between the two shopping malls Tulip and Turiec in the city of Martin, Slovakia. Even though these malls are close to each other, there’s no appropriate connection of the two river banks between them. The only possible way for pedestrians leads through a bridge which is slightly too distant and the length of this path is more than twice the distance between the buildings.

In my design of an alternative pedestrian bridge I worked mostly with traditional material – wood, but with a modern construction system – waffle structure. Additional materials for the walking surface and the roofing panels are transparent in order to preserve the character of an open structure. My aim was to combine and merge the walking surface, pillars and roof while also creating a functional, dynamic and aesthetically pleasing construction with an interesting spatial experience. The shape was also influenced by the additional functions that I added to my bridge – places for sitting down and viewing the river and the city.

Preparatory course of architecture, 2nd semester at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava
Course leader: Ing. arch. Zoltán Holocsy, PhD