Music festival in Bratislava

The proposed festival site is located on the outskirts of Bratislava, in the Bory neighborhood. The chosen site is being used for agricultural purposes currently, waiting for further development. It’s surroundings are formed by the D2 highway, communications to Devinska Nova Ves and Zahorska Bystrica, the Volkswagen industrial park and a newly planned residential and commercial development. Since this precise location is not prepared for everyday use yet, the design contains a new service road and an underpass, which facilitates the communication flow to and from Bratislava.


The basic concept of the festival plan is trying to eliminate possible communication knots. Being shaped as a triangle, the festival has three entrances, three zones for parking and camping as well, with an overall capacity of 10000 visitors, 1200 cars, 20 buses and 240 bicycles. Two of the entrances provide parking places and the third one, which is connected to the residential neighborhood is fit to people on bicycles or using public transport.

After arrival the visitors move from parking or entrance zone to the camping sectors, from there further to the actual festival site (front stage) through gates/checkpoints. The core of the festival is surrounded by backstage and road for service and supply purposes. Among several smaller objects – gastronomy and merchandise stalls, showers, bathrooms, information points, medical help tents, partner pavilions.

There are three stages for outdoor performances and three pavilions. Each of these three pavilions provide approximately 1200 m² of multifunctional area suitable for performances, discussions, markets, sport activities, art and chill-out zones.

Pavilion for chillout zones

Pavilion for discussions

Pavilion for markets

Pavilion for performances





Bachelor project at the Structural Engineering Room lead by Assoc. Prof. Sabah Shawkat, PhD. and his assistants Asst. Prof. Richard Schlesinger, PhD. and Mgr. art. Tomáš Augustín