Common yard


The problem of underused and often abused green spaces nearby housing blocks is present in many countries. Even though this greenery is planned for the residents of such housing estates, they often don’t have any connection to their own immediate environment. In most of the cases they don’t feel responsible or entitled to use it. These spaces often become the victims of irresponsible dog-walkers and careless citizens. As a reaction to this situation our group consisting of international students prepared an urban intervention project for a post-soviet housing estate in Tallinn. The aim of the installation was to give an impulse to the residents, leaving them a bit confused, make them re-think their yard. By more than 500 wooden markers, the yard has been divided into equal squares, 3*3 meters each. After the division, 216 apartments, located around the yard were given a piece of it. Residents were informed personally via post, by a document, showing their own piece of the yard.

The project was developed at the Estonian Academy of Arts, course WILD II led by Hannes Praks and Eik Hermann
Core team: Hubert Pawłowski, Gabriela Mészáros and Kseniya Hetman

Thanks for many of our friends and classmates for being great and helping us in the realization process!


The project was situated in the subdivision of Tallinn, called Mustamäe, in the neighborhood Siili.