AR sections

An experimental project on presenting forgotten pieces of architecture by involving the spectator through Augmented Reality.


UWO is an Unidentified Wooden Object. The outcome of the 4th volume of Workshop 1:1.

Common yard

Urban intervention project by a group of international students, in Tallinn, Estonia.

Hide and peek

This wooden shelter keeps you protected while you can enjoy the best spot in the area.

Rummu Karjäär

The beautiful nature and the mysterious history of the Rummu prison create an experience and atmosphere which make people come and explore it even despite its prohibition. The aim of our project was to open this area for visitors, but at the same time leave it as untouched and uninterrupted as possible.

Souvenir of my hometown

My hometown, Dunajská Streda lost most of its precious historical buildings during the socialist city development. With them the city also lost proof of its own history and collective memory. By the design of my souvenirs I’m trying to react to this situation.